Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Radiation 4--we got this

No issues today. No major holdups and no mistakes. Furthermore, no mean people.

We were out the door around 8:30. It took a little longer than we thought for transport to come to take him back to the same-day surgery unit, but beyond that, everything went fine. We're more than halfway done.

As soon as he was up, The Boy had some juice, yogurt, and a fruit bar. When we got home, I made us a cheese omelette.

I'm VERY tired and I'm hoping that he'll want to nap soon.

By the way--yesterday The Boy said "iPod." Seriously.


Cate said...

OMGoodness "iPod" I love it. I guess he knows what he wants.

Sarah R said...

Well, he IS the Musical Boy, after all.

Cute. :)