Friday, March 20, 2009

Chemo 5 Day 1 Wrap-Up

Currently Mr. Up-All-Night is amusing Grandma at the hospital. He was sweet and charming and wonderful all day. He napped with me once, and that's been it. He was pretty mellow during the late afternoon, which was during and after he was getting the actual chemo, but he was still enjoying playing with his toys, listening to a scintillating reading of The Poky Little Puppy, and watching some of his movies.

The Boy LOVES this 25-minute HBO special called Classical Baby. It has several famous pieces of classical music with adorable baby cartoons, complete with an animal orchestra and a baby conductor. We don't force this stuff on him in order to try and make him smarter; he hears it frequently and he gets into it on his own. He conducts when he hears some of the more rhythmic music. He enjoys the pictures and the music. We've got bigger things to worry about than the fact that our son watches too much TV.

Anyhow, dinner didn't work out for him tonight, unfortunately, having come back up after a few bites. and of course I have to try to rationalize and figure out why. It could be either a chemo reaction (not unlikely, considering that this stuff is nasty), a STRONG dislike for something that he used to enjoy eating (which has happened on occasion for no other reason), or (please no please no please no) an illness. Usually after he pukes once, we don't worry until it happens again. If it happens again, then he goes on his extra-boring diet. If not, we figure that he just didn't like something or he was feeling icky for that moment. Fortunately, the boring diet still includes rice cakes with a dab of honey.

Aside from that, everything is going just fine so far. I'll be glad to write more, but it's time to watch Battlestar.

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