Saturday, March 14, 2009

A good project, and a bad one

The first item on the evening's agenda was making cookies. No reason, just that I felt like doing it and thought that The Boy would enjoy it as well. I measured out ingredients and The Boy helped with the mixing. I cleaned the floor with vinegar and water--gets the floor clean AND is food, so it doesn't matter if you put food on the floor. He is pretty good with the spoon and was able to turn the handle on the hand mixer a little bit. When I added raisins, he was trying to get them, so I gave him the bag. He ate some, and then he started putting raisins in the mixing bowl! Next time we make cookies, I'll measure out the ingredients and let him pour them in the bowl. Aunt C also mentioned that cookie cutter cookies (which these were not) might be a fun activity for him. Perhaps we'll do that when she visits next.

Parents--you can definitely do this with your little kids if they have gotten over the tendency to put EVERYTHING in their mouths. Depending on their age and attention span, you might want to prepare more without them and then just let them help mix or put things in.

The second item was the assembly of one Superman Step Stool. At first, it seemed like a great idea to do with The Boy. It has small pieces, so again, not so good for the kids who like to put everything in their mouths. He helped at first, pressing down one piece into another and holding the various parts for me. He turned the screwdriver too. I don't know exactly where it went horribly wrong, but he decided to throw a fit while I continued to work. I guess it was because I took a piece from him on which he must not have finished working. I offered him several other tasks, but he wanted nothing to do with it. I even had to take a break in the middle because I felt that he was crying too much and I had to calm him down.

Perhaps he was already getting tired. Hard to say.

He didn't eat as much today. He had a decent breakfast of an egg and some potatoes. He had raisins a few times today. Lunch was a few bites of steak, a few grapes, and some rice cake. He had one of those horrible sounding burps, but nothing happened with that thank goodness. When snack time came around, I gave him yogurt and shredded wheat, since he hadn't eaten that today and yogurt is always a good thing. Dinner was spaghetti. I offered him some ice cream later on, but he was more interested in playing. Meh. He received two doses of Zofran yesterday and today, just in case.

Anyhow, I still haven't cleaned up the kitchen from baking; don't want that stuff to pile up.

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