Friday, May 1, 2009

Not Hungry

The Boy just isn't hungry. And that doesn't happen. He did eat about 1/3 of a rice cake with honey and some juice. When his actual breakfast arrived and I got a bit ready for him, he gagged a bit and turned away. He had no interest in yogurt, meaning that the best method of delivering crushed pills is out the window. I asked the nurse to get him some Zofran, because maybe he's just feeling a little nauseous for one reason or another and the Zofran will take that away so that he can eat.

And the nephrologist just sent in another dose of medicine, which I haven't yet tried to give him, because he won't eat, and if I force it, it will come back up.

I wonder if the new BP medicine, Vasotech, is causing him to lose his appetite. He was fine yesterday, though--he took it around lunchtime. Now she wants double the dose, but in the morning. Or the few doses of Pro-Cardia that he had after some high BP's.

Or, if he is getting sick with something else that he picked up while here in the hospital. If that's the case, then I'm going to be REALLY mad. But there's not a thing that I can do about it.

So since there's nothing to be done about any of this except to wait for the Zofran and hope that it works...that's what I'm going to do.

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JC said...

Summer is not hungry a lot. What meds does he get the next cycle? And the last? Summer has DVC on the odd ones and ICE on the even ones. Is his similar to hers?