Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Boy just got a dose of Vancomycin, his first one this visit. Now his face is a bit swollen and blotchy.

He is getting Benadryl. Then, before he gets vancomycin again, he will get more Benadryl. Goody. So every 8 hours he will get a drug that puts him to sleep. But not always when we'd like it.

All this instead of just not giving him that medicine.

I can't imagine that this is so good for his kidney either.

Temp is back up to 99.2 axillary. Do allergic reactions cause fever?


Heather said...

I thought he got Vanco last time he was sick? Did he have any reaction to it then?

Cate said...

As a general rule allergic reactions don't cause fever, but they can happen.