Friday, May 29, 2009

Thus far, a better day

The Boy was lounging around when I arrived to send Musical Daddy off to work. He was just fine. Good night and good morning, and we are content.

Except that Elmo is taking a break and The Boy isn't too happy...but then he got over it when he found my keys.

On medicine: the nephrologist would like to see him taking Cozaar and less Hydralazine. Cozaar will also help with the protein in the urine. I talked with her this morning and expressed my frustration. She does have kids, by the way, and she said that her kid gave her trouble with meds too (although he is not chronically ill). We tried Hydralazine as a crushed pill. Fail. It is a bit bigger and, more to the point, it is bright orange. You can't really hide this stuff. Mix in his yogurt, and spit. So the nurse gave him the liquid a little while after breakfast. It was a somewhat involved process, and I actually left the room. She apologized to me, saying that she had to be a taskmaster about it and that isn't even her style. And she'd hate if someone had to do that to her kids. Her son is the same age as The Boy, like within weeks, so she knows the age. I told her that it makes me sad but that he has to take the meds, and now that we have a jumping-off point, we can work with it. I prefer a relatively quick delivery when unpleasantness is involved, as do most people. Cuts down on the therapy bills.

He was about to fall asleep when he had to take his medicine and, unfortunately, has still not visited dreamland almost two hours later.

He is thinking about it. Unfortunately lunch is in half an hour. Timing...

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JC said...

I've left the room before too. What kills me is when Summer refuses something she actually likes. I try to keep my cool but sometimes my frustrations show. I actually cried in front of her today. Not about meds, but....CANCER SUCKS!!!!