Sunday, May 3, 2009

Under "Pressure"

The blood pressure thing is still not so under control, and today he looks puffy to boot. Also, this afternoon his temperature has gotten up into the "go to the hospital" range but only just so. The oncologist was there around that time, and we joked that we'd have to pack up our stuff and hurry over to the ER. She got a kick out of that. It stayed there, but no higher, after his nap.

At the time of the first temp, The Boy was playing with a ball that I brought upstairs, throwing it to Musical Daddy and to the doctor. He looked pretty good, and she said that we'd wait on blood cultures. Because it's just what we need--another infection.

Still not sure when chemo starts. No clue. So we may go home Tuesday. And then come back. So we have another week here, but we don't know if it is consecutive or not.

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