Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nighttime Update

I should already be sleeping because I have to get up really early to go and relieve Musical Daddy but I'm too hyper to go to sleep.

First of all, even though I hate hate HATE having The Boy be admitted, I did concede that it would be the best thing for him, to monitor and adjust with regards to the blood pressure issues. Of course we are scared as anything about additional infections, but the high blood pressure is pretty frightening as well.

Good thing: no IV. At least not for now. There doesn't appear to be anything that he would be getting intravenously. The IV usually contributes to the high BP which is the last thing we need.

Another good thing: no fever. Hopefully we'll stay that way. Pretty darned good considering that his white count was crap-tastic.

And darn it all if The Boy isn't growing those molars! The last set appear to be coming in. I checked for them this morning and couldn't really see or feel anything; this evening as his mouth was wide open for the sublingual (that's under the tongue) administration of ProCardia (rescue BP med), I saw those teeth. That was my suspicion for the original cause of his crankiness last night and this morning.The leg, meanwhile, is normal, and he hasn't complained about it in awhile. The doctor wants to see him when he is up and about, playing.

If my boy is in the PICU for teething, I'll be quite annoyed.

But seriously, teething can cause crankiness and pain but not blood pressures that would be embarrassing for my hypertensive mother. So I guess we're supposed to be there.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I am very appreciative of the job that you have done with your no-fever dance. Keep doing that for now because we really don't want The Boy to have a fever either, because then we have to stay longer. However, for next time, could we just do a "stay the f out of the hospital" dance? Please?

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