Thursday, May 28, 2009

More meds

He had a high BP this evening, right after fighting me about his meds. Later, it was okay. Still, now he is back on Cozaar, but they didn't say so until 9. The medicine still isn't here. Of course, I had brought it yesterday but didn't leave it here. My fault. I was trying to keep him awake. He is sleepily whining at "Goodnight Moon" because it isn't Elmo.

I am annoyed. I hope that the confidentiality in the hospital includes the things that parents say to nurses about doctors. Not that it was do bad, what I said. I just asked if the nephrologist had any kids. Implying that she didn't seem to know anything about them.

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JC said...

LOL It is no secret who my least favorite nurse is. I just wonder if she knows....I know I am not alone though so it is not just me.