Monday, May 18, 2009

But it does it when we're not here!

Ever to go the car mechanic or the instrument repair shop because your vehicle or instrument is, say, making a funny noise and you know that something is wrong and it simply MUST be fixed...

but when you actually get it there, the problem "fixes" itself?

Today's blood pressure at the center was high. Yesterday's was at home, too. After waiting on all of the cancer-related business, we went up to the nephrologist's office to see what we should do in terms of medication adjustments or anything else.

Perfectly normal BP. No problem at all.

She said that she did not want to change his medication at this time. She also wants more pee. Fortunately, she just wants a little sample, to be collected either in a bag or a cup. In the cup either way, but if he should happen to go in his potty, the contents could be emptied into the cup.

Also, more good news in the pee department: the protein in his urine has gone way down. It is still high, but it was 30, now it's 7, and it should be at about .2 so...we're on our way.


Sarah said...

is he trying out the potty already? That is so awesome! Otherwise, how do you collect the pee????

the mol said...

The way to collect pee on a non-potty-trained child is to stick a pee-collecting bag on them. It is easier with boys--just stick the whole package in the bag and peel off the adhesive backing.

Sarah R said...

Murphy's Law...I know last summer I took Andrew in to the ER because his fever was at 104. Of course, I had given him Ibuprofen, so when I got him there, it was down to 101. They never did figure out what was wrong, but I think it was just roseola, a very minor illness compared to cancer.


mommybird said...

That is always the way it works. I'll take my kids to the doctor because they were up all night with a fever and when we get there the fever will be gone (after multiple doses of tylenol or motrin) and they'll be running around playing and giggling.

Those pee bags are such a pain. My boy had to have one a couple of months ago and he had an allergic reaction to the adhesive and when he finally peed the bag slipped off and most of the sample was lost. I don't know how you handle these tests all the time, but I have to admit you are my motherhood hero.