Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Duh Factor

So here we are, still. The Boy needs blood. However, the resident, who looks about 12, did not order the type/cross when she ordered the CBC. Stupid mistake. She said she didn't want to draw more than necessary. That's her excuse for "I just didn't do it because I'm not that sharp." She is waiting to see what the oncologist says. Okay, his hemoglobin is 6.-something (other counts are good for now). That's not a "go home and come back tomorrow" number. That's a "need blood now" number.

Another annoyance: The Boy has blood pressure meds. One twice a day, one once a day. The smart thing to do, which is what his oncologist said, is to combine the two in the morning, to increase the chances of him taking it. No, they decided that the first med comes at 6:30 and the second comes at 8:30. The first was given in yogurt, no problem. The second was given in a bit of juice, sucked up with a straw, and spit out. Of course he had a white shirt on. He spit out the remainder that I tried to give. Rather defiantly too. I called to repeat the dose and get a new quilted pad, neither of which have come. The Boy has on shorts and no shirt. And, now he is falling asleep.

This is why I dislike being here. Absolutely nothing is happening now. Just wasting time.

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Heather said...

I can imagine your frustration as I am frustrated and I am not there.