Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In A Mood

Last night The Boy was not happy. He was uncomfortable or mad or having nightmares or something. He'd wake up and complain, and then he'd grab one of us (an equal distribution, really) and settle down to sleep again. Repeat about 12 times.

He woke up this morning still pretty crappy. Fortunately he didn't have a fever. He did eat breakfast, but it took awhile for him to decide that he wanted it. I made eggs for myself that he swiped, and he did have a few bites of "wheats" (bite-sized shredded wheat) and yogurt.

We've been lounging around. He has still been a bit cranky. Still no fever, so I gave him Tylenol, guessing that it is teething or some other physical irritation.

Trying to stay low-key...

No luck finding someone to watch him tomorrow evening. I was planning to go to a concert at my school, since they are collecting money for The Boy's team, but Musical Daddy accepted an equally important invitation to a function with our niece. I have called several people. I can't ask anyone with kids to help, because The Boy can't be around kids. If he were well, I'd bring him to the concert, for sure. Any ideas?

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Heather said...

No suggestions. I would do it if I were close to you and didn't have any kids. It is the thought that counts right?

I hope you find someone. Maybe a former co worker that could help you out?