Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the ER again

The Boy had a ridiculously high fever and was indicating that he had pain around his port. Crap.

Last night, he complained about his port too (we left him accessed because chemo is supposed to happen tomorrow) and I noticed that one of the little butterflies was sideways and digging into his skin. I removed the dressing, cleaned the area, and replaced it, knowing that we were stopping at the center tomorrow anyway to drop off a urine sample.

Maybe I should have taken out the needle right away.

So now we're in the ER. I dislike it here because they just aren't that bright and they ask the same stupid questions all the time. I pressed the call button, which I don't think does anything, to get a cup and syringe for The Boy's medicine. Someone came to close our door, not knowing that I had pressed the button. She looked about 15 but she had a stethoscope.

This sucks. And I am hungry.


JC said...

So sorry! We are in too for a fever and vomiting. Luckily we aren't in the ER though.

Sarah R said...

I'm sorry! I did giggle at your comment about the girl who looked 15 but had a stethoscope. Apparently everyone is a medical expert these days.