Monday, May 4, 2009

Bring on week 3...sigh...

We are waiting on the results of The Boy's CBC from today to give us a better indication of when chemo will be starting. I think that my preference is to just stay here and get it done as soon as he is ready. Which means, of course, that we'll probably have to leave and then come back.

The temperature issue resolved itself over the course of a few hours, so they didn't end up doing blood cultures. Thank goodness. For anyone interested, I asked about the first culture from 2 weeks ago, and the doctor said that the bacteria grew in clusters, not chains.

We have made some new cancer friends. Not sure if we'll be in touch or not, but I made contact with the mother of a middle schooler and the parents of a 4-year-old. Both new diagnoses, both leukemia. Leukemia seems to be a little more complex, and treatment seems to be more intense at first and gets easier if a satisfactory remission is attained. I don't know much about it; I'll look it up. Still a very long course of treatment, and the state of high alert is required for longer with patients and families. No matter how you slice it, cancer sucks. But it does help a little bit to make new "cancer friends" and to be in a position to tell them that yes, it's pretty lousy, but the treatment center is great (I saw the older patient with her mom this morning and mentioned that they have PS3 there), and that there are other resources available, and to call me if they need things because sometimes I'm in a position to help.

I abandoned this post at this point because of something or other. It's hard to remember stuff while in the hospital. For example, if someone calls and you tell them you'll call back after vitals or something like that, you just...forget. Nothing personal. It just happens.

The Boy had an okay breakfast and a good lunch. Thinking about it, his eating over the past few days has been average, as opposed to earlier when he'd just eat and eat and eat. I bet he grew.

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