Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gonna be a long, late night...

The boy started chemo a bit after 2:30. Add nine hours to that and we end up leaving REALLY late.

I was thinking maybe we just stay the extra night...but I would just as soon get out. Grab The Boy and go.

This stay was mostly uneventful. Rather nice when that happens. Most of the chemo stays have been that way, but the last thing we want to do is to take that for granted.

He is sleeping through his first chemo and will hopefully sleep through the second, where his BP is taken several times.

We had a nice long chat with a patient representative today. And just now, the housekeeping manager came to see me. We have been voicing concerns about the level of cleanliness. Hospitals have sick people that shouldn't be getting sicker and shouldn't be giving or receiving germs either.

My sister is coming in tonight but will likely not be with us until tomorrow, unless she happens to get on an earlier flight. I may ask to have her with me, if she gets here early enough. I don't expect her to wake in the middle of the night for diapers, because her medical issues make it so she needs sleep. But if she is here she can give me extra time for napping.

We didn't get much chance to return to a normal routine after the long hospital stay, so I am almost unsure as to what to do with us!

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