Saturday, May 16, 2009

How does he do it?

The Boy knows over half of the letters in the alphabet and all of the single digits (although he says "OH" and not "zero"). We did spend plenty of time watching Sesame Street in the hospital, with the occasional Word World and Super Why. But it's crazy--and we don't even "believe in" having him learn his letters and numbers. As in, we don't necessarily think he will read any earlier than either of us did (still early but not ridiculously so), and we didn't start emphasizing it with him until he showed an interest. He will press keys on the computer keyboard and name letters and numbers.

He has no idea what they mean. It's a stupid human trick. But it's fun.


Elana Kahn said...

I must say that I love Word World. It's just so funny... Have you guys seen the one where Duck (I think it's Duck) meets Shark and thinks it's pronounced S-hark? I nearly died laughing at that one. Anyhoo, you just have a smart baby there. :-)

Musical Daddy said...

Nothing wrong with a stupid human trick at all. He is a smart little man and a persistent one to boot. Better to know that the letters exist and are important right now, eh?

Besides, like I keep saying - your brains, my looks... he'll be set.