Monday, May 11, 2009

Another delay? Well why not?

The Boy was supposed to get chemo at 12:30. Nope.

There was port trouble yesterday, and he ended up being off the hydration last night. They checked at 10 or 11 and he still wasn't there yet, even though they had long since put him back on the fluids. The measurement that they take is called specific gravity, which refers to the concentration of his urine. The higher the number, the more concentrated the urine and the less hydrated the patient is.

His 12:00 diaper was very wet and the measurement taken at around 1 was good. Unfortunately, there was once again no blood return from the port. Not wanting to take any chances giving chemo into a port that wasn't working, the nurse called the oncologist and got TPA for the port. It's something that goes in to make sure that it works, and it did, and it was fine. Of course, it has to stay in for an hour. And, of course, things don't happen right away in the hospital anyway, just because they don't.

He is getting his 4:00 Zofran and will start chemo at 4:30. Not sure how early they can start chemo tomorrow, but because of the 9 extra hours for Mesna, which is very very important, we'll likely be leaving REALLY late tomorrow night. If they don't just keep us the extra night.


Once one's fault, really.

Of course, if there were port trouble, I'd be checking the port more often to make sure that it was working, and perhaps the lack of blood return could have been discovered earlier, leading to the TPA being put in earlier...but what the heck. Not much that can be done about it now. Just waiting.


nancy said...

don't blame yourself on the port thing.

Lame. Sorry about all the waiting.

the mol said...

I meant to say that if I were the one checking the port, which I can't do because I'm not the nurse or the doctor, I'd be checking it more often knowing that there were problems.

Rebecca said...

That sucks. Hopefully things will go smoothly tomorrow so there are no more delays. :(