Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing to do with anything

We got no feedback from the X-ray or ultrasound. They have no idea what is wrong with The Boy's leg.

However, the doctors have a thing with his blood pressure. It is crappy. Well, perhaps it is because he is in pain and every time they take it, he is angry. One or two times, it wasn't too bad, indicating that his BP isn't as bad as all that.

This is scary for several reasons. We REALLY do not want to be admitted for this. Hospitals are dangerous places. With sick people in them. He got sicker during his last unscheduled visit and I worry about that happening more often.

On the other hand, he isn't himself and hasn't been. I want to know why. His last BP, not angry, was still high. But he also didn't get his meds yet.

This sucks.

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Rebecca said...

Oh no! Poor little guy! I hope that everything is ok! I will be checking back for updates!