Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here we go again....

Another positive culture. Clusters of...something. Probably staph again, they said. They are starting him on Vancomycin. Again. They will redraw the culture again and probably ignore the second results. Again. So he can get C diff. Again.

No chemo until this is resolved. Not sure if that means no chemo until he finishes the antibiotics or just until he gets a negative culture.

He seems fine now, and his temp isn't too high either. Once again, the Tylenol he got and two or three doses of Cefepime shouldn't have fixed such a serious infection so quickly, but once again, it is time for overkill.

And I wonder if this time we will be out of the hospital before I have Baby Bear. Seriously.


Sarah R said...

I'm sorry--that sucks!

JC said...

So sorry! We haven't gotten Summer's culture back yet, but I am curious. We've never had a positive one so I don't know what to expect if it is. I am hoping it is no the C diff. Yikes!