Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Red Guy, the philanthropist, and the potty

As I've mentioned, The Boy has developed an Elmo habit. I was considering trying to convince him that our TV at home doesn't get Elmo, but I do like Sesame Street and I really don't dislike Elmo THAT much. It's just that he has other things that he enjoys watching that I just find so delightful, and Elmo is a little less so. Definitely tolerable. Barney is also tolerable. He kinda digs Barney, for the songs.

Initially, I didn't want to have anything Elmo other than maybe a few articles of clothing because I thought that we'd all be better off if The Boy thought that Elmo was on TV and that was it. He was given a little red Elmo doll while in the hospital, which was very cute. Today, I made another Elmo purchase.

The oncologist suggested that perhaps with The Boy's tendency toward staying dry during naps and only urinating every few hours that he might be ready to start potty training. We have started on a number of occasions but, like with anything else that involves routine and predictability with The Boy, we have a hard time keeping it together. We bought the Baby Bjorn Little Potty when he was very little, and it is much too small. I also purchased a little seat to go on the toilet itself, but he can't get up on that himself and it is too much of a production.

Today, I bought The Boy an Elmo potty. And he even pooped in it.

The way that it happened was, we arrived home, I unpacked the potty, and he was, of course, excited to see Elmo. I told him that it was a potty, which he got, and I asked him if he needed to go. I also gave him some juice.

He would wander around, and then come back in and want to get on the potty. This happened four or five times. He also figured out how to sit down on it himself, which is very important. Then one of the times, he sat down and, poo came out! Lo and behold!

I figured he still had to pee, but I was bragging on the phone to my mother that he pooped on the potty and I wasn't paying attention enough to get him back to the potty, so there was a puddle. Can't win 'em all.

It was a lovely day today. The Boy did wake up rather early. We had shredded wheat with soymilk for our early breakfast. We let my sister sleep in for awhile. We putzed around the house and played and such, and then we went to the diner for brunch. VERY good decision. The Boy had an egg meal--a scrambled egg, potatoes, and toast (which he didn't want). I had a broccoli and cheddar omelette, and my sister had a Spanish omelette. Everyone ate his or her meal very well. The Boy probably finished 3/4 of what was on his plate of potatoes and eggs.

We made a quick stop at CVS, and then we went on to my school to drop off some of the Valerie Fund posters and schmooze a little, considering that they are doing some AMAZING things over there to raise money for the walk and The Boy's team.

The principal of the school is kind of a big deal. So he decided that he'd get people moving on raising money and participating. Another one of the teachers in the school is in charge of the service organization (Early Act, affiliated with Rotary), and among other things, she got the district to provide a bus from the school to the walk. With room for about 50 kids. There will be a table and collection cans at the concerts next week. This is going to be HUGE.

We could potentially win the prize for biggest team. Or even most money raised. Or, most spirit. Who knows? Thanks to so many of the wonderful people I have met at work. Not to mention all of the other wonderful people who have gotten involved and donated to the team and are going to walk with us.

You know, of course, that The Boy is a major philanthropist.

Anyhow, he fell asleep on my lap over an hour ago, so I'm going to try to move him into bed. Ciao.


Heather said...

Awesome news about the potty. That is great to hear that your walk is turning out so well.

Sarah said...

guess I should have caught up before commenting! Yay for potty use!