Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another night, another dream

We stay. Didn't actually hear it from the doctor, which might have been nice, but The Boy needs extra hydration. Possibly the kidney issues, also the late start to chemo yesterday and today.

Pros: the nurse will do diaper duty overnight. The extra hydration after this chemo is a good thing. Don't have to make a late-night escape.

Cons: more hospital time. More waiting around. Less sleep for Daddy, maybe. Maybe not if he manages to sleep through the diapers and last Mesna dose.

The doctor said that five day stays for this treatment, even though it is supposed to be five days, are rare. We forgot this. Oh well.

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Rebecca said...

Man, that is no fun! I know that this is a really random question, and do not answer if it offends you in any way. Considering David's health history, do you plan on banking baby #2's cord blood? DH and I were thinking about doing it with our next baby as a just in case kind of thing, but we haven't researched it too much. Just curious what your thoughts on the subject were. :)