Thursday, May 21, 2009

The worst, and the best

Last night's nurse was horrible. Just awful. Right from the beginning, when I arrived from a concert at school (more on that later), Musical Daddy told me that this nurse didn't wash her hands and also put a poopy diaper next to the sink. She was patronizing to The Boy. And, frankly, she looked unclean. Rough night, rough morning. I was already irritable from not having slept well and waking up for many blood pressures and multiple doses of ProCardia. When she woke us at six to give him an additional medication, and (shocker) he refused, even though I tried and she tried, and she continued to talk down to him as if it would help, I lost it. I told her to get out and just leave us alone for a minute. She didn't. She scolded me. I yelled at her. She left to call the doctor which she said she wanted to do, to figure out what to do. She came back and wanted to get him to take the rest. I tried. Then I threw the syringe. Not at her. Even though I wanted to. She proceeded to lecture me and tell me that he needs the medication and that she never sees anyone act like this, and I am having another baby and other stuff I don't remember but making me feel like a crappy mom because I couldn't get a toddler to cooperate...I just wanted her and her nasty self to leave us alone.

Yes, I acted poorly. I admit it. She was in a much better state than me to fix things, and she chose instead to make it worse.

On the other hand, here are some of the things that today's nurse has done:

-She repeated blood pressure measurements when she knew that she'd get a better one.

-She cleared The Boy's breakfast tray, without being asked, and wiped off the tray table and night table. Again, without being asked.

-She stayed and played with him for a few minutes so that I could use the restroom.

-She ordered meds an hour before they were due so that he would have them but that we would have time to get him to take them gradually.

-She changed the bed and got The Boy a new gown. Again, without being asked.

We had her after The Boy's first surgery. Since we are in ICU and not step-down/special care, we don't have our normal favorite nurses. Although, one of them actually stopped by after her shift just to say hello!

Ask any of THOSE nurses--we are cooperative and compliant. We want what is best for The Boy, and we want their job of caring for him to be as easy as possible.

It is just remarkable, to see the best and the worst so clearly.

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Sarah R said...

I'm so sorry, Molly. I can't imagine dealing with an idiot nurse like that. Just because they have that degree doesn't mean they have all the knowledge in the world. It bothers me that she was patronizing to The Boy. Resident Rights apply to people of all ages, including babies/toddlers.