Friday, June 26, 2009

You only get two shots

So this chemo stay was uneventful. We are just waiting on a repeat CBC, and then we get to go! EDIT: going confirmed. w00t!

BP is still heading in the downward direction, which meant another reduction in Hydralazine. 1 mL? No problem. I wish she'd reduce the Cozaar so that I can give 1/2 tablets...maybe next time.

The big new thing is Epogen. That's the stuff I mentioned that is like Neupogen but for the red cells. Even though his levels appear to be normal, they want to try him on it for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference.

Interruption: puke. Dodge by Mom. He was given his evening BP med in a bit of yogurt and he cooperated just fine...he just wasn't in a good place stomach-wise. I told the nurse that he needed more but if he didn't get it here then he could get it at home. No big deal. And that puke would have happened pretty much regardless of

Anyhow, the Epogen shot is a much larger volume than the Neupogen. It's something like .8 mL, whereas Neupogen is .2 mL. That's a pretty big difference and it seemed to hurt a bit more. But then, he was sleeping and it woke him up...annoying. If it becomes a problem, we'll try putting either ice or EMLA on before giving him the shot. Probably EMLA because he won't stand for ice.

Also, he is getting a Bicarb Citrate medicine. More medicine. 5 mL 3 times a day. Fortunately the Hydralazine isn't the huge quantity that it was before, so we'll just let the new stuff be a part of the Hydralazine regimen.

De-Accessing...and then we get to go! See ya bye!

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