Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some rest for the weary

I am at home; when I left, things were much better.

The Boy has had all of the medicine that he is supposed to have, as well as a serving of Rice Krispies. He was hungry around 9, and we were hoping that he'd eat some yogurt. Nope--waved it away. But I got out the Rice Krispies and boy, was he excited!!!

He ate them with his hands. In bed. Rice should really be eaten with a spoon. But who cares--he was happy.

He looks good. Still a bit puffy, but his eyes are wide and bright, and his cheeks look good, and his mouth looks perfect. And he is handsome.

Chest X-ray showed a little something going on that they attribute to the excess water retention. The solution? More Lasix more often and we'll be watching out for his breathing.

His most recent blood pressure was also acceptable.

No word yet on the poo sample, although the oncologist (who was in the building rather late) didn't seem excessively concerned. She said that it was one of those days where everyone was having issues, which was why she was around so late. The Boy likes her and is usually cute for her. She has a little girl who is a bit younger than The Boy and is also expecting another, not long after Baby Bear. The other oncologist, who has school-aged kids and is a sci-fi fan, sometimes gets to see the cute stuff from The Boy, but he gives her the cold shoulder unless she is letting him leave. He will not say goodbye to her unless it's "Bye, doc, I'm going home!"

Tomorrow: please come visit. Long and lonely day in which everyone else is going to the Dapper Dans concert (2PM James Caldwell High School--if you end up going there instead of visiting me and The Boy, I won't be too sad but you should do one or the other).

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Alina said...

That is good news :) I am at work all day today but will visit in thought! Did The Boy like Elmo? When he is better hope you guys can come over again for a playdate, as Rebeccah is more interactive now. Thanks again!