Monday, June 29, 2009

Big red, big blue

Waiting on counts for The Boy. It took awhile to get things started. They accessed his port because there is a good chance that he will need blood. I am hoping that the Epogen will start working! Not sure how long it takes to kick in.

Yesterday his blood pressure was low, so I called the nephrologist and his Hydralazine was reduced to twice a day. Always a good thing.

As for myself, I am still very pregnant. No surprise. I am running out of shirts that for; this blue one I have on just barely cuts it. I went across the street for my appointment, and the doctor said that she may or may not see me the following week because I may or may not have the baby before then. I have made a bit of progress. So that's good. We'll see. I can't think of anything that would stand in the way of Logical Mommy liveblog coverage of this event. Or, at the very least, very timely baby photos.

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