Wednesday, June 10, 2009

just another day

What a day. In a good way.

The Boy and I slept in until 8:30. We barely noticed Musical Daddy leaving.

We got out of bed and got ready for breakfast. The Boy took his liquid Hydralazine pretty well and his Vasotec mixed into his yogurt with no issue. He ate a wonderful breakfast of yogurt, shredded wheat, and an egg. I had made myself a cheese omelet out of three eggs and he ate about 1/3 of it, mostly the parts without the cheese. And some cranberry juice.

To do: find some low-sodium cheese. Do they make it? It isn't a big deal because he can have smaller servings of cheese but it would be that much better if I could also find a low-sodium version.

Off the list: no-salt ketchup. They add a salt substitute that has potassium in it.

After breakfast, we showered and went to the pharmacy to drop off his new prescription for Hydralazine. The old one was 3 mg/1 mL. This one is 10 mg/1 mL. His dose is 20 mg. Why in the world didn't she write it this way in the first place? He was initially put on 15 mg, which would have been 1.5 mL. Whatever. He had two doses of the old concoction today, and his last dose will be with the new stuff. We'll see how well that goes. Should be easier, I'd think.

When we got home, we rested a bit and watched some TV. I took his BP, which was fine. I thought that perhaps a nap was in our future, so we didn't go back out to run the errands that we needed to run (go to the bank, pick up his other prescription for Zofran, buy some cleaning stuff for Musical Daddy). We had lunch--macaroni and cheese, adding an extra cup of plain noodles to stretch it out and make it less of a sodium issue. And black beans, out of the can but rinsed well. That's what he was into. Fine by me.

After lunch I thought once again that he might want to nap, in the chair, as we tend to do when we're home (as if we really remember what that's like). He was back and forth between wanting to snuggle in the chair and wanting to get down and play with his toys that he missed so much. I think it's fun that he has certain toys in the hospital and then certain toys at home.

For part of the day, The Boy was wearing his Happy Heinys "training pants" which are still cloth pocket diapers but can be pulled up and down pretty easily. Like Pull-Ups except a bit less of a gimmick to keep you buying more and more diapers and creating more and more garbage (not that I have a leg to stand on in that regard with the amount of time that The Boy has spent in disposables, being in the hospital). I bought them because I figured I had to buy more diapers anyway and they might be fun. Even the size "extra small" that I got is still a little big on him because he has such a skinny little bum. He does get the concept, kind of, of pulling up his pants, but he isn't quite there yet. But anyhow, it was funny to see him sitting on the floor playing, with his pants and "underpants" a bit too big and falling down a bit, resulting in baby plumber's crack.

Anyhow, it's dinner time so I'll write more later.

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