Sunday, June 7, 2009

He's ready to leave

Not that he gets to, but he is SO himself today. This morning he wasn't that hungry for breakfast, but beyond that, he was just fine. He looks like himself again and is off the Lasix because his weight seems to be back to normal.

He ate lunch and then had more lunch later on.

The nephrologist put him back on Vasotec, 1 tablet (crushed, in something or other) a day. His potassium is fine, so she wants him on this and the Cozaar to combat the protein in the urine.

His BP was REALLY low, so I had the nurse retake it. I should have just left it that way because then maybe they'd lower the dose on the Hydralazine right away, but I did ask for it to be taken again. It was 78/45. Then when she retook it, it was about 102/61. Still lower than it has been. It is possible that they might lower the dose on the Hydralazine anyway. Which is fine by me. I'd just as soon only have to give 5 mL because that's the syringe size I have at home. I will, of course, do what the doctor says for The Boy.

The Boy had an echocardiogram, ordered by the nephrologist, to check his heart. He has had it done before, and he was good.

By the way, none of this is in chronological order. Too bad.

Last night I made arrangements for a family friend (actually, Aunt W's friend from college) to come and watch The Boy so that I could go to Musical Daddy's barbershop show, or at least some of it. It worked out very well. Our friend is a wonderful person who checks up on The Boy, and prays for him, and comes to visit from time to time, when he is in the area. We are lucky to have him in our lives. I left at 1:30 and arrived back a bit before 4. They played. They watched Elmo. And when he ate, I guess The Boy got jealous and wanted to eat too.

The Boy is asleep now; he got Benadryl before his Vancomycin, and his morning nap was a bit on the early side. Thankfully, we got the Vasotec, in yogurt, before he fell asleep. I hope he saves some of this napping and snuggling for Daddy when he gets here.

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