Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Timing vent #48485369074288327

Benadryl given, boy getting sleepy. Time for medicine. But he was asleep. Woke him up and he took his medicine like a good boy. He also had an IV medicine on a pump that was started.


He did not go back to sleep. Then the housekeeper came. She was talking to him, even though I would have preferred for her to leave him alone so he could sleep. It wasn't the usual person. He wanted to play, on his mat, but we had to wait until cleaning was finished.

When she finished and we tried to get down to play, he was stuck. I could have gotten him free (IV pole, syringe pump, and cords plugged in for each), but I decided that he really needed to rest. Me too. Then I put on Elmo. I'm a bad person.

Nothing to be done about any of that. Just happens. Par for the course in the hospital.

Still on track to leave around 5.


Sarah R said...

Ugh!! Frustrating...

JC said...

I hope the doctor has already signed your release papers. It took him 4 hours to sign ours after he said she could go home. I love venting!!! :p