Monday, June 22, 2009

Timing is everything, in a different way

The Boy is definitely into Daddy right now. Good time for it, with Tiny Guy's arrival coming...eventually.

Still not much to tell in that arena. I'm about a week and a half from my due date. I have my last ultrasound tomorrow to check position and guess weight, and perhaps I'll also get an internal exam. Not sure if she'll do it or not--she didn't last time at 38 weeks because she didn't really see a point. And not that I necessarily want one although it is possible that it could get things going. Who knows?

The Boy has another great day today, all told. We went to Musical Daddy's school in the morning. No kids were there; just teachers doing their final things and packing up for the summer. The Boy got to play drums and piano and xylophone and wander around that area of the building. Just a different arena for Boy antics. He also went into the orchestra room a few times...he knows violins but isn't sure about the other string instruments, so he currently calls them all violins. Obviously I will have to work on that with him. He'll play violin, maybe, but not quite yet. Perhaps at the end of the calendar year we'll see. And he could even take it to the hospital. With the size that he'd have, it wouldn't make a bunch of noise.

Anyhow, after that, we returned home, sat around for a bit, he napped, and we had sandwiches for lunch. He was a little whiny, which made me think that perhaps he needs blood. The under-the-eyelid test indicates that my suspicion is correct. His last transfusion was right before we left the hospital two weeks ago, and he's mostly been on an every two week schedule with getting blood. Had he had chemo already, he'd probably have gotten it on the way out, or the next day.

Next was physical therapy. That was fun for him, although he ran out of steam a bit before his time was actually up. We spent most of that time outside on the swingset and running around the yard. She had him going up the ladder and was coaxing him into leading with alternate feet instead of favoring the left. The ladder requires big steps and a lot of pulling with his arms as well as pushing with his legs. It is a great whole body workout! He has developed quite the appreciation for the slide, which he goes down entirely on his own, but on his belly, which is really cute. He can do it sitting up, but he much prefers his own way right now.

Long family nap, then dinner, then hanging around inside while Daddy mowed the lawn.

Then, more playing!! He must have gone up the ladder and down the slide at least 20 times. He still enjoys pushing the ball down the slide, or "catching" the ball as it comes down.

Ice cream, then chat with Grandma and some cousins, then bedtime things. Didn't take him very long at all to settle in.

We do have a pretty decent bedtime routine for him. Whenever we do put him to bed on his own, it should translate well. We do his last dose of Hydralazine followed by a Gummi Bear (it's a calcium supplement but he thinks that it's a big deal), then vitamins and teeth, then pajamas, then into bed (our bed), where I talk about what we did today and what we're going to do tomorrow, and then I sing "Heart of My Heart" and whatever else pops into my head, but "Heart of My Heart" is always first. The best part about this is that there is no TV involved.

We still need to get back into more books, but I'm not yet sure if that needs to be a bedtime thing or if that should be a daytime snuggles thing.

In other news, I definitely have the pregnant hippo feet going on. I didn't notice it at all until after the walk last weekend, and then only occasionally. Since then, my feet get swollen when I'm on them for awhile. My hands are puffy too. I can tell because my wedding band is stuck on as opposed to having the bit of slack that it usually does. My engagement ring was put away a few months ago, and I'll put it back on after the swelling goes away. My blood pressure has still been good although I didn't take it today.

The Boy had two blood pressures taken today. One was really low and the other was high but acceptable for him. I'll have to see how tomorrow's is at the center. I would love to see his blood pressures stay consistent and not be crazy, because that would indicate stable kidney function.

I have packed my hospital bag and affixed a note with the things that go along with it, should I not be the one to get it (i.e. if I am already at the hospital and go into labor, someone else will have to get my stuff for me). I need to take a look at my instructions for taking care of The Boy and make sure that I didn't forget anything. It lists his medication schedule and food suggestions. Uncle P agreed to come down and watch him if we're home when I have to go in to have Tiny Guy, but since he isn't around him every day as we are, he'd need to know more stuff.

So that's about that...will post tomorrow about what our day looks like. Unfortunately, getting blood is an all-day event.

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