Thursday, June 18, 2009

Round Here

Today The Boy and I went to visit with some people. Wow--people!

There's a nice group of moms that I found online, and most of my contact with them is online because of schedules not lining up, but one of the other moms hosted a playdate this morning and said to come on over because the weather was going to be crappy.

We arrived awhile before the others, so it was just us and the mom and her two daughters. One is close to 5 and the other is 3 or almost there. Not sure on birthdays. David did seem to enjoy playing with the younger girl and was later seen tackling her as she was sitting in this odd rocking chair thing on the ground. She was somewhat bossy but not in an intentionally mean way--there's just a HUGE difference between almost 2 and almost 3. Add that to The Boy's appearance, with no hair, and it is likely that he will be seen as younger than he is until he is old enough to say "I'm not a baby--I'm 2. That's a baby (pointing to his brother)."

Good snacks; compliments to the hostess. Watermelon slices, which The Boy ate with a fork AND used a napkin to wipe his face. Later on, popcorn, which was cooked plain, and The Boy ate it without salt. I had never given him popcorn before; I had heard that it wasn't great to give to younger kids. However, I watched him and he did fine with it, It requires the same sort of vigilance that grape-eating does. I have stopped cutting his grapes, at least when they are small enough, because he is very good at chewing. And with 18 teeth and probably the last 2 baby teeth on the way, I'm not too concerned but it still helps to watch.

There were two other toddlers there who are younger than The Boy. They seemed somewhat less interested in each other.

Of course The Boy gravitated toward the door with the magnets on it and the letters.

And, without much warning, he fell asleep on my lap. It was nice because it gave me a chance to talk with the other moms.

After returning from this visit, The Boy and I got started on lunch and Musical Daddy arrived at home. We tried napping. We sorta dozed while The Boy watched Elmo. I told him that Elmo is probably NOT good for napping. Chilling out, perhaps, but not napping. Because The Boy is interested in what is going on.

I am glad that tonight, he went to sleep to songs sung by Mommy.

Right now the boys are in bed and I am staying up. Partly because I napped for a LONG time this afternoon and partly because this tiny guy in there is VERY active and doesn't particularly want to let me sleep. I feel very round, but not too uncomfortable overall.

Musical Daddy says that he has a feeling that Tiny Guy is going to be born within days. Or at least, that we won't make it to July. I think I'm switching to calling him Tiny Guy as opposed to Baby Bear, since no one needs to be kept in the dark about gender and anyhow, Baby Bear is a totally lame character on Sesame Street. I don't know that I have the same feeling as Musical Daddy although I think that I will not be going late this time. At least I hope not. Last time I just stopped answering the phone at a certain point because the most annoying thing is to have someone call you asking "so, did you have the baby yet?" and you're walking around 41 weeks pregnant.

I might have mentioned it already but The Boy has been very into my belly recently and always touching it, saying "baby" and giving occasional kisses.

He is SO sweet. I hope that he stays that way. I'm sure it won't be perfect in terms of The Boy's love for his little brother, but I'm hoping that the overall vibe will be a good one.

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