Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today, Musical Daddy and I celebrate 5 years of marriage. I certainly expected to make it to this point, although it's been a very interesting journey. And we are stronger for it.

It doesn't seem all that important, as the past 3 days were different "anniversaries" for The Boy. June 24th, last year, was the day that Musical Daddy took him to the pediatrician, who sent them for an ultrasound, and then brought us back to the office to tell us that based on the ultrasound, he suspected Wilms Tumor. We checked into the hospital that evening. June 25th, that morning, The Boy had several tests, including a CT scan, an echocardiogram, a vascular ultrasound and goodness knows what else. That evening, they told us that The Boy had bilateral Wilms Tumor, that the left kidney was completely taken over and that there was tumor on the right side, but that they were not sure of location. June 26th was surgery day.

On June 27th, our anniversary, our friends brought us Kosher chinese food, and I think that my parents (who came in on Wednesday) brought us a cake. We did celebrate and we were happy to be with each other, because we really needed each other. Also that night, they let The Boy nurse for the first time since the surgery. I was so thankful for that, and so was he.

I think that we'll always recognize this time of the year as the beginning of The Boy's ordeal. I am looking forward to (I"YH) The Boy finishing up treatment and getting clean scans, because that will REALLY be something to celebrate.

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