Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heart of my Heart (or, something else that isn't inherently sad)

It's been a few days since I've posted, really because there is not an incredible amount to report. There are always things going on, but honestly, I just didn't feel motivated to write. Frequently with us, no news is good news. Kind of.

Monday's appointment, I was thinking that perhaps The Boy would need platelets, as he hadn't had those in awhile. Not only did he not need anything, but his ANC was in the 9000's! So my theory about him being on the way up over the weekend was very true. He's lower now, because he is off the Neupogen, but having reached that level, he probably still has at least some fight to him in the white blood cell department.

The Boy had his first physical therapy session in almost two months. The therapist got to see a lot of things. She also got to see him throw a nice little fit. Which wasn't really that bad, but for him it was exceptional because he isn't so much a fit thrower. He just didn't wanna. Whatever it was, he didn't wanna. She went down a checklist, asking me if he was doing certain things, and I answered her and tried to get him to do them as much as he could do.

He is not running yet, and he probably should be. His walking is okay, but sometimes he has a wider stance and his feet turn out some. It is especially obvious outside. She says that this is from being in the hospital, and she recommends letting him out a lot to walk over the uneven surfaces and even create obstacles like that for him at home.

He is definitely left-footed. And most likely right-handed. Makes for clumsiness.

Yesterday we hit both grocery stores. Today we went to Target and had lunch with Musical Daddy at his school. The Boy got to play around in the band room, which he loves.

Now, as for the title of this entry--there is a song entitled "Story of the Rose," and the refrain is often sung as a stand-alone, called "Heart of My Heart." We have been singing this song to The Boy since he was born. This one and several others which, if you know barbershop,are "polecats" mostly and several other barbershop standards. When I run out of those, I tap into my musical theater knowledge. But singing The Boy to sleep (which I try to do in lieu of just turning on the TV) always begins with "Heart of My Heart."

Remember my post about Scrubs in which I discuss some things that are not inherently sad in the same way that they do on the show? I suppose this is another one of those instances. I sang this song for The Boy and for some reason, every single word seemed to stick to me. With every breath I took it became harder even to get the words out at all. It seems to be a fairly generic song about love, but taken in the "right" context in the right mood, by someone who is pregnant and...well I don't really find myself to be that emotionally effected just by virtue of my being pregnant.

"Heart of my heart, I love you/Life would be naught without you/light of my life, my darling/I love you, I love you/I can forget you never/From you I ne'er can sever/Say you'll be mine forever/I love you."

If you think about it does apply.

I probably have more to say, but I'm tired.


Heather said...

I have been thinking a lot lately about how David is doing and am thankful for the update. Glad to hear that he is walking a little better.

Thank you for sharing the song lyrics. They brought tears to my eyes.

Sarah R said...

I think Andrew is left handed! When I wash his hands after eating (yes, still no silverware used by him), it's only the left one that's usually messy. He also throws with his left. His late paternal grandfather was left-handed, so I love that he passed on this little trait to him. I never got to meet him because he died at age 47. Two or three of Rob's siblings are also lefties.

Sarah R said...

Sorry--that was random, but you mentioned dominant handedness, and it warranted a comment. :)

the mol said...

That's perfectly fine to mention hand dominance. My father, brother and a sister are all left-handed. I don't know how the genetics works on that one, but he has blue eyes, unlike either of us. I have green eyes and Musical Daddy has brown eyes, but BOTH of our fathers have blue eyes. I think his eyes look like my fathers, a darker blue-grey, rather than my father-in-law's light blue.