Saturday, June 6, 2009

Red scare

Grandma and B left this morning. It was beyond amazing to have them--Grandma for her work with The Boy and B for making the house so nice. It feels so good to walk into a clean house. When the house is already clean, it is easy to maintain and less overwhelming to do little stuff.

When I changed The Boy this morning, his poo was tinted with red. I didn't remember him having eaten anything red, and many red foods are not permitted on his diet anyway. I called for the nurse because, of course, I was worried. Red poo is generally bad. I called Daddy, who didn't remember giving him red food. Then I called Grandma.

Red jello.

He got Lasix again last night. He probably will need it today, because he is REALLY puffy again. Not quite like before but still pretty bad.

Today we are going to a party. Instead of going as a family, we will go in shifts. Musical Daddy will go first. He should be back here around 3. I'll go at that point and return to the hospital, to spend the evening with my family.

Walk next weekend! Don't forget!

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