Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The balance

This chemo needs fluids, or it is (more) dangerous. The fluids are making The Boy puffy. Usually he doesn't get puffy during chemo even though he receives all that fluid, but this time he still is. He looks like a Sumo wrestler. He does get puffy when getting fluids and not chemo. He has gained a lot of weight due to this fluid--it's the kidney. A delicate balance--bloating vs damage. We're stuck with bloating.

Also, more on diet: I asked the dietitian to look up some foods for potassium information. Avocados are out for sure. Black beans, however, are okay as a small portion item provided that I soak them, if they are canned. Once I use up the cans, I will probably buy them dried and boil them myself. Good news, though, that his whole grain tortillas are fine.

He ate very well today. Thankfully, he doesn't get that chemo affects appetite. Fine by us--keep him healthy and strong.


Sarah R said...

That sucks that he's all puffy.

Does he do well with bananas? That's the first one that came to my mind for potassium (not like you don't already know that).

the mol said...

I think you are misinterpreting--he needs to stay AWAY from bananas, because he needs to limit his potassium.

No taters, maters, or nanners.