Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Food...it is what it is

This morning, The Boy did something very unusual for him: he didn't eat his breakfast. He did not seem upset or uncomfortable, but he just didn't touch it. He didn't complain when I gave him his Vasotec in two spoons of yogurt, but he was not interested in anything else.

We did give Zofran, just in case.

He drank plenty of juice, though.

Now, he is finishing up a plate of macaroni and cheese. Odd time of day for it, but I asked if he was hungry, and I offered him macaroni, and he was thrilled to eat it. Ate the whole plateful, wants more, but there isn't any more.

Even though he is generally a good eater, we don't feel like we're in a position to insist that he eat what we eat when we serve it. Usually, he does do that anyway, but if he doesn't feel like eating at that moment, we'll offer him another choice or two, and then something else a little while later. I don't think that he takes advantage, so to speak.

About a sentence into this entry, he also had a giant poo, which he even admitted to. I asked him if he made poo and he said "yes" so at least that is progress.

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