Friday, June 19, 2009

Ain'a That Good News

Item #1: The Boy's ANC was over 10,000 today!

Item #2: Chemo will not start until Wednesday because that's what we said we'd do, and that's what they made time for up in the hospital. However, we can gradually move things back, assuming that counts recover, so that whenever he is ready to go for his next round, he can do it, and we don't have to lose the week just from having started a bit late the last time. Had we known, we would have probably gone in today because he would have been ready. But then, having planned for it, it wouldn't have happened. So we'll get an extra few days of (hopefully) good health and no hospitalization, to just enjoy The Boy and have fun without (as much) worry.

Item #3: The Boy has "graduated" from OT. He doesn't need it anymore! Everything in fine motor skills, speech, cognitive development, and self-care is right on track if not ahead. He will continue with physical therapy for extra work in gross motor skills. It makes sense--all of those things are easy to work on when confined to the hospital. Gross motor skills are trickier because there is nowhere to go.

So that's all the good news. And I can't think of any particularly bad news. Other than the fact that The Boy was finishing up lunch when the occupational therapist came, and he puked up some of his lunch for what seemed like no real reason at all. Maybe he got a bite that just didn't taste right. He was fine afterward and has been drinking his juice. He'll probably be hungry for a snack at some point. He also could use more nap. He was asleep when we arrived home from the center, a little before 11AM, and I put him in bed while we watched The Poetry Show, and he was asleep midway through that. OT was at 12, so I woke him at 11:50 to start lunch. That's enough nap to get through OT but not enough for the whole day. Fortunately, Musical Daddy returns home in about an hour, and family naps are the greatest.


Sarah R said...

Yay for good news! Good luck with the next chemo treatment. Many hugs your way...

Rebecca said...

Wow, that is a lot of good news! :) I'm glad that things are going so well. Especially after the past few weeks...or months. Enjoy the days out of the hospital! You guys have earned them, that's for sure! :)