Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So tell me...

Is this our life for the next year and a half?

The oncologist was just here; she says no. She confirmed that this is just a streak of bad luck. So we'll get a break eventually.

How long are we here? Ten days from the negative culture. Which was Sunday. That's long. Estimated departure: Tuesday. Not today, obviously. So we need to keep him healthy from then until the walk, on June 13. Oh yeah, and avoid the C-diff. Must avoid the C-diff.

He is well today, reasonably. He was puffy this morning when I arrived.

Daddy had a wonderful concert yesterday. VERY impressive, all groups. It's amazing what happens when your program is treated well. Ours is, where I would otherwise still be working. Band/orchestra are not in the schedule until 7th grade where I work because 6th grade is still elementary there (I didn't get to hear the orchestra at his school; maybe I can go to that concert on Thursday), so there is a difference in what he can accomplish.

There is a huge difference between 7th and 8th grade, in both schools. It's when they really get serious and also when they seem to get a better handle on their hormonal behavior :).

By the time I go back to work, "my" kids will be in 7th and 8th grade. And the current 7th and 8th graders, who are VERY wonderful students and very special to me, will be in high school. Of course, I am where I need to be right now--with my baby. And soon, my babies.

Nothing new with Baby Bear. My pregnancy has been, thankfully, quite uneventful. I have had a similarly easy time as I did with The Boy. My weight gain has been about the same, too. I crossed 200 pounds at the same time, I think. Group B strep test next time. Hope it is negative, because I don't like antibiotics. I had them with The Boy. No issues then; I just don't like them.

So we'll waste some more time here.

If you are free, please visit. Don't worry about "bothering" us; just do it. Right now at this very moment, that is what we need.


Heather said...

Molly, I wish I were closer to you so I could visit. I just don't think that I could make it from Oklahoma there soon. Please know that I am always thinking of you and the boys.

Glad to hear that the oncologist does not seem to think that this going to go on forever.

Alina said...

I have been following your blog for a while, ever since you put the link in one of your emails to njmomgroup, but only recently created an account and started my own blog. You write so well :)
What hospital are you guys at (missed that part, in case you said it) and did you mean visits literally or web-based?
Anyway I hope to see you soon once The Boy feels better. I wish you strength to get past this and, like the oncologist said, better days are ahead for sure!

Sarah R said...

Sending you a "virtual visit" from across the web, sweetie. I wish I could be there in person because I think we would have so much in common.

Here are some "stay away, C-diff" vibes for The Boy and some "stay away, GBS" vibes for you! :) PS, I was shocked when I was pregnant with Andrew that my culture came back positive. It was the only "complication" I experienced, so not too bad.

I can't wait to meet your Baby Bear! :)

JC said...

i agree! visitors don't come enough especially on long stays like you all have had. Hope you get some soon!