Thursday, June 25, 2009

But, speaking of lucky:

I am very glad, and very fortunate, that my husband and my mother get along. I was able to leave a bit early and have them in charge of The Boy together, and I felt fairly confident that they'd get along and have fun.

Not to mention, they'd probably talk about shopping and all the great deals they've been getting on stuff.

Just for the record, if you pay $5 for a $20 item that you didn't need in the first place, you aren't saving any money! Silly Daddy. Silly Grandma.

The Boy has been in an absolutely wonderful mood today and was in a similar mood yesterday. Playful, charming, a little impy, and just...not what you expect from a cancer patient. Lucky indeed. I almost wonder if he's just "used to" the actual chemo and that he doesn't let it bother him. Of course, he is still susceptible to bouts of nausea and slight food aversions during the week after, not to mention the drops in his blood levels. Zofran twice a day for the first few days, and once a day a few days after that, seems to stave off most of the nausea and allows him to eat pretty normally.

And so what if he lives on yogurt and rice for a day or two?

BP has been low; the doctor has cut down his Hydralazine. She says that as long as his potassium levels are stable, she wants to keep him on the other two medications to help protect the kidney and keep the protein in the urine down, which is down quite a bit. It was as high as 30 and was at 7 or 8 awhile ago...latest check had it at 2. The correct level should be .2 but we're not there yet. Even so, it always makes me feel better when less medication is needed, even if it is just a slight decrease in dosage. And that's also pretty good that his BP is lower considering that he is on an IV and that tends to complicate things.

I am at home and although I wanted to do...something...around the house, all I've managed to muster up is taking the diapers off the line and washing the laundry from the hospital (diaper covers and a few articles of clothing), along with the last cloth diapers that we had used before leaving for the hospital. I'm not feeling great. Likely not "going into labor" not feeling great, but more like typical third trimester "I don't know where my stomach is and there's a head on my bladder" not feeling great. Moms, you know what I'm talking about.

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Musical Daddy said...

The heck you say. If you buy a $20 item for $5, you'll find a use for it - it'll be a great gift for someone (family member, teacher, secretary, nurses, et al) or useful around the house. Hello, extra TiVo remotes that only cost $1? Thank you! 8)