Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great weekend! And, biggest team!

Despite the fact that The Boy's white count wasn't great, we had a wonderful weekend! My speculation is that his ANC is closer to reasonable now than it was on Friday based on the differential. Basically, if he has a lot of monocytes and not as much of anything else, his ANC is low but on its way up, because the monocytes are what grow into mature white cells that can actually do something. Not that the overall white count was good anyway, but, for example, one time his white count was 3.5 and his ANC was in the 3000's, which let me to believe that he'd be good for that day and maybe the next but crappy for the few days after that.

Anyhow, medical blabbering aside, the Walk-A-Thon was yesterday and we had a great time! I made The Boy a shirt that says, "My counts are low--blow kisses!" to hopefully discourage people from touching him. I was less worried about having him outside, although we were still very diligent about wiping his hands (which we usually are, regardless of his counts). We arrived early so that we could make an appearance on TV (and when I find the video somewhere, I'll post the link). The Boy had a fantastic time just romping around, being cute, and socializing.

Musical Daddy ran the 5K in the morning and felt good about how he ran. We amassed our team over the course of the morning. We won 1st prize for the largest team (even though it was difficult to tell who was actually there). The walk itself was about a mile and a half and was pouring rain after we finished...probably it would have been more of an "a-thon" had the weather not been lousy. It was great in the morning, though.

We had all the grandparents, as well as Aunt W and a few cousins. It was great to have my parents here. Before they and my sister left, I asked for us to straighten up in the house. With 5 adults doing a bit of work, it took us each less than 10 minutes. Always a good decision, when you have a bunch of people in one place, to ask everyone to help.

The Boy has been a joy and a treasure all weekend. As if we're surprised. But we're lucky.

Not much more to talk about, and I'd like to run and get some food. MMMMMM---sandwiches.

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