Wednesday, June 24, 2009

back in the groove...we hope...

This looks to be an easy chemo stay and nothing more. We had a nice two weeks of no hospital. We are REALLY hoping that we kinda get back to the way that we were doing things before, where we stay out of the hospital except when he gets his chemo. We are NOT assuming anything. We are being cautious.

But again, let's hope that it's just a simple chemo stay and we remain out of the hospital for the duration. Until it's my turn to go.

The EPO test (you know, the one for the hormone in the kidney that helps make red blood cells) was normal. The nephrologist figured that it probably would be, considering that his kidney function was still good, but it was certainly worth it to test. She says that the number of transfusions that he has needed is probably related to the chemo. She asked me if he has had more transfusions since the hypertension issues began two months ago, and I told her that it really wasn't that different from what he has had since beginning this chemo protocol. On the other protocol he required one transfusion in October, and he had begun the protocol in July, so it was just the nature of this particular chemo.

He generally requires platelets once or twice during the cycle following Carboplatin. Usually red cells are about every two weeks. So he'll sometimes need them at the end of a chemo treatment and sometimes need them during the cycle in the middle.

Once I have recovered from giving birth, I fully intend to give blood as often as possible. I don't want him getting my blood, because that could jeopardize my ability to give him a kidney later, but I want to know that I am contributing. Also, a friendly reminder to all of you who are healthy enough--give blood. They even give you a cookie.

The Boy does like cookies, but not all of them. Mostly, he enjoys the Trader Joe's "schoolbook" cookies, which are letters and numbers. Anything letters and numbers, he's all about it. Silly boy.

He has been asleep for awhile, with Grandma. Oh how we love Grandma.

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