Saturday, June 6, 2009

Playing with...water

I wish that they would either wait to do pee tests until he isn't toxic from chemo or just do a better job of collecting so that there are no dangerous leaks.

By the way, when I put a bag on him last week it did not leak.

But it did today. During lunch. Redo. On the bed. Redo. The nurse put it on again thinking he'd stay in bed. No, he wanted to play. I closed the diaper and put him on the mat. Then there was a puddle.

Remember that, being pregnant, I am REALLY supposed to be careful about toxic pee. So I called for help. The nurse was...clumsy...about her approach and didn't seem all that concerned about my exposure. She wiped the mat but didn't pick him up and take care of the diaper right after so I had to redo everything once she finally did.

His poo is still reddish. Still suspecting the jello but a doctor will check it out.

Maybe next time I will be in charge of bags. Oh, and he also gets Neupogen today. I get why a few of the people who care for The Boy have said I should be a nurse. I'm just not that interested. Although it is helpful to know all of this stuff.

Other things: temp is fine, BP is high. They decreased the fluids and hopefully that will help. He also got Lasix. His pee was completely clear. The nephrologist says that the protein in the urine has been fluctuating and she wants to check it.

She would like him to be on Cozaar and Vasotec because they help with the protein spilling...but she doesn't want the potassium to go too high. Hard to tell which way things will go.

I'm glad he looks better, at least. He is happy and playing.

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