Saturday, June 27, 2009

Definitely a little less himself today

The Boy woke up puffy. And early.

The area around his eyes was swollen, which is where we tend to notice it first when he is retaining fluid. He was a bit cranky but not too much. He wandered into the kitchen and asked for juice, which we were able to persuade him to drink in bed while we were half-awake watching Sesame Street. Grandma was still here, thank goodness, to assist with diaper duty. Yes, I said duty.

Anyhow, it has been a long time since we've had to do the 2-hour diaper changes overnight at home, since the past two times post-chemo we've been in the hospital. It's stressful. And I spend most of the night on the easy chair in an attempt to keep chemicals away from pregnant me.

The Boy and Grandma had breakfast while Musical Daddy and I went out. Apparently he ate two eggs! He and Grandma were playing outside when we returned. I took Grandma to the train station and was gone for an hour or so. He and Daddy played and were starting to rest when I returned. The Boy then sought me out and wanted snuggles. We slept on the chair for two hours. It was nice, because I didn't have to worry about what either of them was doing.

After we woke up, we had lunch.

Which came back. Rather forcefully. And he was unhappy for a few minutes beforehand too, so I knew that something was wrong. Following cleanup, he and Daddy rested. He just doesn't seem to be feeling exceptionally well. Even though he did want to play outside again, we can just tell--he isn't as strong because he struggles with the ladder, and he isn't feeling as energized.

It should be interesting to see if the Epogen actually works and The Boy is able to maintain his hemoglobin a little better.

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Sarah R said...

Poor boy......lots of hugs and kisses to him.