Thursday, July 30, 2009

More balancing acts

Just trying to stay caught up on sleep...

Not that I have much to complain about. Tiny Guy stays asleep at night for at least one longer stretch, as much as five hours but that only happened once, and he tends to have one period of wakefulness at 2 or 3 AM. Last night was actually a bit earlier. Also, last night I was able to nurse lying down. Made it easier but then I fell asleep.

His bed is properly attached; he still isn't into it yet.

Since I don't have a lot going on in terms of being bound by time, I am still doing okay in the sleep department.

About The Boy: chemo is proceeding fairly normally. We should be out tomorrow afternoon. His appetite is returning although last night, dinner came back up. After the initial drama and getting him cleaned, he was unfazed and went on to play rough with Daddy.

Exciting new information: Vasotec, one of the BP meds, is good for the kidney. We knew that when he started to take it. However, it inhibits bone marrow from doing its job. Even with the Epogen shots, the red cells just aren't being made very well. So there is no point in continuing. Neupogen seems to work well enough for the white cell recovery, thank goodness. And they don't want to take him off Vasotec or Cozaar because those are good for the kidney, except when his potassium is too high, because that can happen with both meds.

Fun stuff.

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JC said...

Holy crap! Red blood cell shots??? I hope we don't run into that. Hate that he is having so many problems with his BP. I know it is very frustrating that they can't get a med that will work either. I'm glad you are getting sleep and maintaining a positive manner in this tough time. I don't know if I've every told you, but YOU ROCK! :) Jennifer