Saturday, July 11, 2009

Out of my hands, or his feet

I haven't seen The Boy since Thursday. My heart breaks for him and it's pretty darned difficult, but I have to focus on taking care of Tiny Guy and trust that everyone else can take good care of The Boy.

The peripheral IV in the left hand was a bust. I may have mentioned, or may not have, that they removed his port and put an IV in his left hand. It stopped working. They had to redo it, and they couldn't get it. So the choices were, immobilize his right hand, which seems to be his dominant hand and is his thumbsucking hand, or use a foot and immobilize him entirely, as he can't walk. Neither one is any good; we had to go with the foot. It makes me sick to think about it...he needs to walk so much and he can't. But for him to be unable to use his right hand would probably cause problems with his eating...and he wouldn't be able to color...I think it's only 4 days longer.

This means that the remainder of this hospital stay is going to be REALLY hard.

Although perhaps on Monday, someone from the treatment center can come up and find something good in his left hand again. Or, perhaps a phlebotomist can come up and do it. Musical Daddy was SO tired of the stupid residents poking him and poking him. It was the nightmare from last summer all over again.

Tiny Guy's bris is tomorrow. Despite the difficult circumstances, it will be a wonderful celebration, welcoming him into the Jewish community and into the family. We have cute favors with this photo of Tiny Guy. It is at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, at the hospital, with the ceremony taking place upstairs and a small group of people there, and a projection downstairs for guests who are not upstairs. You are welcome to attend. This configuration is for The Boy's safety, so that he can be at the ceremony with his family. We will take turns staying with The Boy during the celebration and will bring him food. Realistically, there are only a few days out of a chemo cycle that we'd feel comfortable having a big celebration and having The Boy there...and luck just wasn't on our side.

Anyhow...I think I should rest soon. Tiny Guy has been resting with Grandma for quite awhile and will probably be awake to eat soon.

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