Monday, July 20, 2009


Finally, after all this, they should be sending The Boy home in the morning.

Of course it is "morning" right now and I am feeding the baby. I am sticking with one side and pumping the other, as somehow it has become one big gaping flesh wound. Of course, Tiny Guy won't take a bottle from me and will barely take it from anyone else, and since I am by myself with him, he just wants to eat and eat, to get the one side up to filling him. And he fights hard to keep that bottle away, even though it is still the same stuff. Hopefully I can get another rest day on the more sore side, and he'll take a bottle from Musical Daddy once they are home.

Other than the feeding issue, it was a nice day with Tiny Guy. I was all over the place with him, and he was a good sport. We spent the afternoon at the hospital and they even let The Boy come out to the lobby to play! After we got home, since Tiny Guy was asleep, I followed his example, but not before enjoying a sandwich.

He let me do some chores, ate a few times, and then I could tell it was time for a walk. This kid gets such cabin fever! It will keep me in shape, for sure, because I'll have to take him and The Boy on at least one walk a day.


Sarah R said...

I'm glad Tiny Guy likes to take walks! :) Hope your nipple heals up soon--ouchies! I don't look forward to that part of it.

The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Ouch. I hope it heals soon. I remember those days... Painful. I found that lansino (sp?) cream helped, along with airing it out. In a few weeks, it will be a piece of cake! Oh, little tip I learned the hard way - make sure he is not tongue-tied. Arianna was and that made breastfeeding so much harder. Fortunately, the procedure was a piece of cake and our lives got a lot better after that.