Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh look--a clue!

Tiny Guy has been brought to me whenever he seems to need it because the nurse he has tonight seems to really get it, that he has to nurse in order to get the stuff out of his system. He had two good poos this evening. He also had some nice feedings. I wish he could have been fed right before his blood draw, but we were both asleep. Hopefully passing the poo helped.

He is very cute.

After they took him back, I got a snack. It is VERY nice that they keep turkey sandwiches in the fridge. I must have had five of them since delivery.

He is favoring the right breast currently, but we will fix that at home.

Nothing really new with The Boy. I should be able to see him today. We need to figure out who is doing what in terms of caring for him. I really can't do much except visit a bit, which really makes me sad. I want us to be a family, with all my boys together. Soon.

Going to try and catch some sleep.


Sarah R said...

Yay for a great nurse!!! I am so happy that she is bringing him to you more. Hopefully she'll talk to the other nurses.

I'm sorry you can't do much more than visit The Boy. That has to be so sad. Soon, you will all be home together... <3

JC said...

Glad you are getting to nurse. Sorry to hear about David's infection. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Hang in there. You are a strong woman. Hope you are ALL home before too long! :) Jennifer

Sarah said...

I really did not like that about the nurses, one had one opinion and the others different. It was difficult for learning to nurse, they all had different thoughts.

I am happy to see in your next post that baby is off the lights and with you now! yay!

Get your rest when you can!