Friday, July 24, 2009

Here we are

Hoping to resolve BP issues over the weekend and do chemo Monday.

Things are bad in kidney-land for The Boy. Potassium is high, BP is high, protein in the urine is back. So they wanted to give him a med to flush out potassium. 48 cc of it. It was pleasant enough to the smell, and he took 28 before being taken for Xray and Echo.

Xray showed fluid; make with the Lasix.

The rest of the medicine came back up along with lunch. The options: going up the other way, or dialysis. Because of infection risk, they usually don't like to insert anything rectally with cancer patients, but his counts are fine and this has to happen.

I feel better about his behavior knowing that once we can control his BP, he will feel better and act like himself.

More later.


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

I'm thinking of you guys and hoping for the best outcome this weekend. I hope The Boy feels better and is back to himself soon.

Rebecca said...

Ugh, I am so sorry that you guys are dealing with all of this. I really hope that the meds work and things resolve themselves quickly!