Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stinks, before noon.

Let's see...woke up not feeling anything out of the ordinary. Also woke up tired and woke up early. I know that some people take longer than others to grow babies but with the number of people who have already asked about this one, it makes me feel like I'm malfunctioning.

Musical Daddy feels like crap today. I hope it's just from too much pizza. He's in bed and I've got The Boy.

Colossal stinky poo this morning, after Musical Daddy had retreated to bed. I started diaper laundry because of it. All over his bum and some on his leg too. Messy cleanup, too.

I gave The Boy watermelon for a snack, which he enjoyed. I just read on a message board that watermelon helps decrease swelling. I could certainly use it. I'm better in that regard but still can't wear all my shoes.

While he was snacking, I figured I would put in some chicken. It was positively rotten. It said to use before July 9, and I just bought it yesterday. I should take it back. That's quite a waste of money and the store must have screwed up something. I put it in a ziploc bag, package and all. Of course, I actually have to get out, and The Boy is not fit to leave the house, with his white counts being in the toilet.

It isn't even noon yet and it's already a stinky day.


Sarah R said...

We once returned a watermelon because we cut it open and it smelled like death. It was so rotten!!!

The majority of women deliever after their due date; the people asking constantly where the the baby is are enough to drive you nuts!

the mol said...

Indeed. I do remember that you were due after me with the first one, though ;).