Friday, July 17, 2009

New port, and, to do:

The Boy got a new port today. Thank heavens. No more clotting up the peripheral IVs, a pretty good trick for a kid with no platelets.

He knew where the other one was. He would touch it and say "port" in the same way he would say "ear" or "nose." I have not seen him yet, so I don't know if it is on the same side or the opposite side. He'll have to learn a whole new location if it is on the opposite side.

Two week checkup (2 days early) for Tiny Guy. Then we will probably go see The Boy and Grandma and Daddy will switch.

I feel so out of touch with The Boy. What's more, we have been out a few times and people probably think that he is our only child. It's such a farce. Can't wait until our family can be together.

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Sarah R said...

Hope the new port does the trick!

*hugs* It pulls at my heartstrings to think of what you must be going through emotionally. Hang in there--things will calms down again...