Monday, July 6, 2009

You've got to be kidding me

Another staph infection for The Boy. In addition to whatever it was that was going on with his stomach. So this means at least 10 days in the hospital. On an IV. Retaining fluids and cranking up his blood pressure. I am in no condition to do anything for him because, oh yea, I just had another baby.

As for Tiny Guy, I am already very frustrated with the whole phototherapy thing, where he is under the lights for most of the time and brought to me every 3 hours for a half an hour so he can nurse. It's ridiculous. Because babies need to be held and snuggled, and nursed when they want it, not fed on schedules and kept under lights. I wonder how anyone ever manages to establish breastfeeding in a hospital. I'm not tremendously worried because I am armed with enough knowledge, but thinking about how many mothers know very little about breastfeeding and baby care in general and if they are thrown for this loop, they probably won't think twice about just letting them give formula and not doing much to compensate.

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